Branch 29

How Branch 29 Makes a Difference in our Valley

“I never go into the Legion… why should I support it?”  Do you know how your legion gives to our community?  Legions are in part service clubs and that is what we do.  We are proudly in-service to our community. Of course we support veterans and their families and we have a public day of Remembrance every November 11th, but we do much more than that.

Did you know that every week we have hundreds of patrons coming in to play pool, play darts, play cribbage, come to the meat draw, attend our special events or just come to be in the company of others?  We want to debunk the myth that Branch 29 is only a club for few.  Because of the patronage of members and guests we are able to “make a difference in our community”. The reach of Branch 29 throughout our valley is significant for our residents. 

Over the last decade Branch 29, has given approximately $80,000 to non-profit programs that support youth, people with disabilities, senior programs, new comers to the area and athletics.  These donations come from either our Poppy Fund or from gaming proceeds.  At least 85% of our meat draw money supports non-profits in our greater community.  Many think of veterans too narrowly as veterans from the Second World War; we are in service to all veterans. Do you know anyone who has served in any of the Canadian services that may need support?  Please encourage them to contact the Legion.  We may be able to be of assistance.

Another subtle but profound way we support our community is by being a ‘home away from home’.  Members and signed in guests will find our club a welcoming place to gather. One of the most significant problems that communities face is health care and social concerns arising out of the isolation of its citizens.  We offer an inclusive environment that is becoming more and more relevant for the people of today. We are wanting to meet our community’s needs. Talk to us if there is something new that you would like to see. 

More and more younger families are settling in our valley.  We have a facility that has much to offer. We are looking at having more youth and family friendly activities.  Decades ago our Legion offered a club called Teen Town.  We are looking ahead to offer teen dances and games nights.  Please let us know if that is something your families would value. 

Our lovely building is showing its age.  Once considered ‘state of the art’, it is now needing some significant renovations.  We are grateful for the corporate relationships we have in our valley as well as those with other service organizations.  We are going forward with Patience, Passion and Persistence to restore our building and have it be a place that can continue to serve the residents of our greater community. You can reach out to us on Facebook or by calling the Legion at 250-428-4252 and we will return your call. Together we are better!